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Founded in 2007 by Jean Bernard MEMET, A-CORROS is a consulting firm specialised in corrosion expertise and corrosion prevention for all types of metal heritage – including industrial heritage – and in all environments – air, land, sea, and harbours. Joined in 2008 by co-owner Philippe de VIVIÉS, conservator-restorer of cultural heritage, A-CORROS quickly diversified by opening a conservation-restoration laboratory for archaeological artefacts, historical objects and statuary.

Three main sectors of activity:

Industrial Division

Addresses corrosion problematics related to industrial facilities, petrochemicals, energy production, waste management, telecommunications networks, port and naval infrastructures, housing and civil engineering (plumbing, roofing), as well as engineering structures (such as metal bridges, ARMCO viaducts and retaining walls).

The missions entrusted to A-CORROS involve studying and understanding existing corrosion phenomena, as well as implementation of recommendations or conservation measures to ensure greater durability of the structures.

Cultural Heritage Division

Specialises in the conservation-restoration of metal cultural heritage. Restoring a metallic object implies re-discovering its original surface to reveal all the archaeological information. To do this, it is necessary to precisely understand the corrosion mechanisms that led to the material’s current state, as well as the types of corrosion present (stable or active corrosion products) that can eventually lead to the loss of the object. The cultural heritage division works on archaeological, historical, and ethnographic collections, as well as works of contemporary art.

Historical Monuments Division

Very old metallic structures have specific maintenance requirements and sometimes need to be adapted to accommodate their current functions. By combining the expertise of our other divisions, we assist clients by examining a structure’s current condition, analysing the constitutive materials and their protective coatings, and subsequently determining the appropriate restoration protocols. 


Since 2015, A-CORROS has been located on the premises of the technology platform ARCHEOMED, a business hub devoted to cultural heritage and creative and cultural industries based in Arles.